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The Universities Austria (UNIKO)-founded
OSA – Open Science Austria initiative serves as the new national contact point for networking activities and information surrounding Open Science at Austrian universities.

The Open Science Network Austria (OANA) and its activities have been discontinued. We would like to thank everyone involved in OANA activities in the years 2012-2021 and everyone who supported the network's work towards Open Science.

OANA working groups 2018/19

After the 4th OANA network meeting on 10th January 2018, three new working groups were launched as of 2018:

WG Open Science strategy

The working group develops recommendations for an Austrian Open Science strategy with a focus on different target groups. The aim is a document of max. 5-6 pages, including an executive summary page based on the Vienna Principles.

The document is expected to contain the following sections:
1) Preamble 2) What is Open Science? (Open Access, Open Research Data, Open Methodology including Open Source, Open Notebook, Open Evaluation, Citizen Science) 3) Frame conditions for the implementation of Open Science 4) Target groups (researchers, research institutions, funding bodies, politics)

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WG Open Science information

The following topics are discussed in two sub-working groups: 

The sub-group "Open Science trainings" focuses on concrete Open Science tools that are used throughout the entire research life cycle, and organises workshops on how to use these tools. Furthermore, information on Open Science training events at Austrian and international institutions is collected and presented.

The sub-group "OANA website relaunch" is working on the new website of the Open Science Network Austria. This website should become the essential point of contact for Open Science information in Austria and offer information to interested persons in science, politics, and media.

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WG Legal aspects of Open Science

This working group focuses on legal aspects of Open Science. Its aim is to be a first point of contact for researchers who are looking for overview information on legal issues and to enhance the knowledge of researchers about the legal conditions of Open Science. The main focus points are Austrian and European Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), licensing, and data privacy. The results achieved are published on the OANA website and updated regularly.

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